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Two new premieres are on their way to stages in Berkeley and Cincinnati. 

Ada and the Memory Engine banner

Ada and the Memory Engine premieres at Berkeley’s CentralWorks Theatre this October. This new play with original music unpacks Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer in 1850 who happens to have Lord Byron as a father.

The Revoluitnists graphic Cincy

Across the country The Revolutionists take the scaffold – I mean the stage – at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. All the fun of the French Revolution without the smell. More at… therevolutionists.tumblr.com


Silent Sky Atlanta reviews

Great news from Atlanta!

Silent Sky gets a stellar welcome at Atlanta’s Theatrical Outfit. The production was extended to March 8th and have received raves all around:

” Vastly important yet little known, Leavitt is the subject of “Silent Sky,” Atlanta native Lauren Gunderson’s luminously beautiful play, now onstage at Theatrical Outfit. A lovingly crafted period piece that imagines Leavitt’s inner world against the backdrop of World War I, Einstein’s discoveries and the suffragette movement, “Silent Sky” is an intellectual epic told on an intimate scale. Bottom line: Heavenly.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“If you haven’t been a big theatergoer lately, Theatrical Outfit’s new production Silent Sky, onstage through March 8, could act as a simple reminder of what a pleasant, thought-provoking evening at the theater ought to look like. It’s a lively, funny, accessible play that’s alive with interesting ideas.” Arts Atlanta

“Lauren Gunderson’s play about a real-life female astronomer, Henrietta Swan Leavitt (Elizabeth Diane Wells) in the early part of the last century is a truly dramatic and thought-provoking work of art.” – Atlanta Cultural Arts Review

“Please do not think that “Silent Sky” is all starchily scientific; quite the reverse. Its characters are intensely human and likable. Ms. Wells’ performance as Henrietta has genuine charm, intelligence, and strength. Ms. Gunderson writes dialogue that is fluid, witty, and often moving. As a playwright she is a master craftsman.” – Atlanta InTown

Herietta and Peter, both astronomers, under the stars...

Herietta and Peter, both astronomers, under the stars…