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Great reviews, previews, and articles!

Stunning reviews in for SILENT SKY

The San Francisco Chronicle praises Silent Sky at TheatreWorks. 



And this wonderful article about Henrietta Leavitt and the women of science and tech that are coming together around the play.

‘Silent Sky’: Scientist light-years ahead of her timeSF Chronicle, Jan 19th, 2014 

Absolutely awesome profiles in The San Francisco Chronicle and The Boston Globe!

“Playwright at a prolific stage of her career”

ByJesse Hamlin  | SF Chronicle, Sunday, October 13, 2013 – More here.

Lauren Gunderson‘s new plays are sprouting around the Bay Area right now in a run of premieres one well-regarded local pundit calls unprecedented.




“Abuser, pursued by a comedy”

By Joel Brown  | Boston GLOBE, OCTOBER 11, 2013 – More here.

Lauren Gunderson writes as if pursued by a bear: quickly, zigging and zagging.

“I’ve always been voraciously interested in the world,” she says. Theater allows her “to tell a funny story about violence, a violent story about love, a love story about science. I keep iterating. That’s what keeps me excited and keeps me going. Luckily I write very quickly.”

Gunderson, 31, has already had more than a dozen full-length plays produced, ranging from a musical for children, to a capitalist hipster take on “Macbeth,” to several deep-thinking dramas about science.

Theatre on Fire’s production of Lauren Gunderson’s “Exit, Pursued by a Bear.’’

Theatre on Fire’s production of Lauren Gunderson’s “Exit, Pursued by a Bear.’’


“The Bear Facts”

by , published Sunday, August 11, 2013 – More Here

Busy, award-winning playwright Lauren Gunderson is writing a mile a minute, and lately, her quirky and imaginative plays appear to be surfacing in theaters all across the country—Seattle, Atlanta, Cincinnati, the Bay Area–riding some kind ofzeitgeist tide we won’t understand until later, perhaps.