Dr. Wonderful loves asking big questions and using science to answer them.


Her first book releases May 2nd!


Dr. Wonderful and her dog, Newton, want to know why the moon changes shape in the sky every night. But how can they study the moon when it’s so far away?

By blasting off into space, of course!

On their amazing journey, this detective duo gathers clues to solve their lunar mystery using the powers of science, curiosity, and teamwork.


Available May 2nd 2017 from Two Lions.



Press Release

On May 2nd, 2017, Two Lions will release Blast Off to the Moon!, the first amazing adventure of Dr. Wonderful and her dog, Newton, by Lauren Gunderson and Valerio Fabbretti. Perfect reading for curious kids ages 4-8, Blast Off to the Moon! is about a young girl scientist and adventurer that encourages and celebrates girls in STEM. In the vein of The Magic School Bus, this book is educational, fun, and curiosity-enabling.


Based on a hit musical, young readers also have access to Dr. Wonderful’s science songs to keep the learning and the fun going. Check out the songs and download for free here.



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Praise for “Dr. Wonderful”

“The clever and adventurous Dr. Wonderful and her sidekick, Newton the dog, are a pair I’d follow anywhere! Dr. Wonderful demonstrates the power of curiosity-driven learning and deductive reasoning in this exceptional book investigating the phases of the moon.”

      – Christina Wallace, co-host, The Limit Does Not Exist and founding director, BridgeUp: STEM at the American Museum of Natural History 


“It was exhilarating to see Dr Wonderful’s curiosity, her big hungry mind, and her great heart. Dr Wonderful is a hero for all of us–may we all leap towards the unknown with such bravery!”

     – Lucy Alibar, playwright and Oscar-Nominated screenwriter of Beasts of the Southern Wild


Artistic Team

Lauren Gunderson is the most-produced playwright in America, and an award-winning  writer from Decatur, Georgia, who lives in San Francisco with her sons, husband (a real-life scientist!), and cat (a real-life cat!). Her musical The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful and Her Dog (music by Brian Lowdermilk) premiered at the Kennedy Center.  

Valerio Fabbretti was born in Rome, where he cultivated great passions for drawing, comic books, animation, and spaghetti westerns. After working for Disney Interactive, Valerio is currently a character designer at Cartoon Network in Los Angeles. When he grows up, he wants to be an astronaut. Learn more about him online at www.valeriofabbretti.com.