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National Press

National Press

Profile in American Theatre  about Lauren and actress Jennifer Le Blanc!

“In one extraordinary scene, actor Jennifer Le Blanc stopped the show—in the best possible way. The play was Lauren Gunderson’s By and By, a science fiction–tinged drama premiering at Shotgun Players in Berkeley, Calif. Le Blanc was playing the teenage daughter of a genetic scientist who may have stumbled upon the secret to successful cloning. Then, toward the end of the play, Le Blanc segued into a second character, simultaneously playing the daughter and the deceased woman from who she was cloned.”

– Chad Jones, American Theatre

The Bear Facts

From TheatreJones.com’s preview of BEAR in Fort Worth. A great interview. 

“Playwright Lauren Gunderson talks about her riff on a Shakespearean theme in Exit, Pursued by a Bear, opening at Circle Theatre this week; and more.”

The Gunderson Effect

From TheatrePlayByPlay‘s comprehensive article on all that’s going on in The Bay

EMILIE on air…

Listen here to WABE’s story…

The Weird Sisters is a theatre project helmed exclusively by women, working together to elevate the role of women in Atlanta theater and bring new work to the stage. Their current production, titled Emilie: La Marquise Du Châtelet Defends Her Life Tonight, is opening this week at the Aurora Theater in Lawrenceville and WABE’s Myke Johns spoke with those involved.”

Playwright, Weird Sisters take on ‘Émilie’

From the AJC’s preview of EMILIE…

“A great woman deserves a great play. There may be few people more conscious of that fact than playwright and Decatur native Lauren Gunderson, who took on the monumental task of bringing the unconventional 18th century genius Émilie du Châtelet to life on the stage.”

Toil and Trouble Bubbles Over With Ideas

From The Cincinnati Enquirer’s preview of TOIL!

“Gunderson makes a strong case that hubris, greed, lust for power, and just plain lust never go out of style.”